ChromaDex - Phytochemicals
ChromaDex - Phytochemicals


Phytochemicals are chemical compounds that occur naturally in plants. Plant materials and their associated phytochemicals have been used to improve and support good health for millennia. Salicin was originally extracted from the white willow tree and later synthetically produced to become the staple over-the-counter drug called Aspirin. Taxol, an important cancer drug, is a phytochemical initially extracted and purified from the Pacific yew tree.

At ChromaDex® , our core competency is the isolation, development and characterization of phytochemical reference standards. These standards are used in laboratory settings all over the world to ensure the quality of raw materials and finished products such as dietary supplements, food and beverages, and cosmetics. The proper use of well characterized phytochemical reference standards directly affects the safety and quality of millions of consumer products on the market today.

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