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Caroline Levy
Caroline Levy Non-Executive Director

Caroline Levy is a consultant and company Director serving the investment and beverage industries.

Ms. Levy has had a renowned career as a consumer stock analyst for over thirty years, covering large and small companies across soft drinks, alcohol, cosmetics, household products, food, restaurants and hotels.  Her tenure has included senior analyst roles at Lehman Brothers, UBS, Citics and Macquarie. At UBS, Caroline was promoted to COO of US research, where she chaired the investment review committee and directed the vetting process for investment banking transactions.

Her strategic reports uncovered key consumer trends well before they became mainstream, such as “value in values” and the squeeze on mid-size companies to the benefit of small innovators and large retailers and brands. Her work with Citic’s on-the-ground team, “China Reality Research,” revealed unrecognized value in the Chinese operations of companies such as Estée Lauder, and uncovered risks in others.

Ms. Levy’s network spans CEOs and executives across public and private brand-owners and distributors, allowing her to key in on trends and risks across industries. Long-standing relationships with sell-side and buy-side analysts and portfolio managers, give Ms. Levy a clear view into shifting investing priorities and valuation methods.

Caroline is on the board of Celsius Holdings (CELH), a public company selling one of the fastest growing energy drinks in the category. She is a member of the audit committee.