Rob Beudeker Member

Dr. Rob Beudeker is Senior Investment Manager at DSM Venturing after having been Vice President of Innovation, Human Nutrition & Health at DSM. Dr. Beudeker has an MSc in biology and PhD in microbiology from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. He did a post-doc at the University of Texas at Austin in molecular biology after which he joined Gist-brocades (now DSM) R&D in 1984. He has been working in various functions in R&D (project-, program- and resource-management) and in New Business Development at DSM ever since. He has an MBA from the Universities of Rotterdam and Rochester in New York. In October 2013, ChromaDex received a strategic investment from Royal DSM.

Dr. Beudeker is also active as Theme Director for Nutrition and Health at TiFN in the Netherlands and represents DSM Venturing on the board of its portfolio companies Mixfit, NutriLeads, and Frontier Nutrition.