A powerful, natural immune booster.*

What is IMMULINA™?
IMMULINA™ is a spirulina extract and the predominant active compounds are Braun-type lipoproteins which are useful for improving human immune function. These lipoproteins are present at much greater levels than those found within commonly used immune enhancing botanicals such as Echinacea and ginseng.
Where can IMMULINA™ deliver results?

IMMULINA™ has multiple human studies that demonstrate immune support. As an example, IMMULINA™ significantly improved NK cell activity in a published human study. Some of the details include:

  • Healthy individuals consumed 400mg of IMMULINA™ for seven days
  • Blood was collected before and after the intervention where peripheral blood mononuclear cells were isolated as a source of NK cells
  • An ex vivo assay was performed and tumor cell killing activity was measured via the lysis of K562 target
  • As represented in the graph below, IMMULINA™ also demonstrated an average increase in NK cell cytotoxicity activity by 40%