Setting the Industry Standard for Excellence
in Collaborative Research


CERP (formerly the Material Transfer Agreement, MTA Program) is an essential component of ChromaDex’s R&D Program. We value and encourage strong scientific rigor behind our claims, and our relationships with academic institutions help to make this happen. Through CERP, we provide ChromaDex material and technical expertise, free of charge, for exceptional preclinical and clinical research projects. As a result, we have developed over 200 MTAs, globally, resulting in more than 60 publications as of June 2020.


Here are a few examples:

Fang et al. Cell Metabolism, 24 (2016), pp. 566-581.

Hamity et al. Pain, 158 (2017), pp. 962-972.

Hou et al. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, 115 (2018), pp. E1876-E1885.

Martens et al. Nature Communications, 9 (2018), Article Number 1286.

Schondorf et al. Cell Reports, 23 (2018), pp. 2976-2988.

Smyrnias et al. Journal of the American College of Cardiology, 73 (2019), pp. 1795-1806.




We are currently prioritizing partnerships with academic researchers looking to use nicotinamide riboside to advance knowledge in one or more of the following research areas listed below. Please refer to the references for more information.


If you are interested in becoming a CERP Investigator and using ChromaDex materials for your research, please download and complete the appropriate application below. As our program is highly selective, we recommend that you finalize the details of your protocol and obtain the required ethical approval(s) prior to submitting your CERP application. An esteemed group of internal multi-disciplinary scientists will evaluate and score your application and supplementary materials. Typically, we are able to provide a response, or request for additional information, within 60 days of receiving the application. If selected for the program, we will then develop a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) to issue the material(s) and provide technical expertise.


For more information and application submission, please email [email protected].