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Natural Product Libraries

ChromaDex has proven expertise in the production and scale up of natural products. As hits are identified, we can support your continued research and commercialization activities from initial identification to finished product development.

The chemical diversity in natural products is unsurpassed and represents an ideal starting point for any discovery platform. Historically, high throughput screening of natural products has led to the discovery of innumerable active molecules to be used in consumer products and as pharmaceutics.


Natural Compound Library

The natural compound library has been developed with a key balance of known active and well-characterized phytochemicals in combination with unusual and difficult to isolate compounds

  • 1650 compounds
  • 1200 with extensive characterization
  • 650 rare compounds
  • Neat inventory immediately available

Botanical Extract Library

The botanical extract library has been produced through a proprietary extraction process combining both serial and parallel techniques to decrease false negatives and maximize screening hits.

  • Basic BXL – 425 botanicals with 2550 total fractions
  • Indian BXL – 120 botanicals with 600 total fractions
  • Rare Chinese BXL – 295 botanicals with 1180 fractions
  • Chinese BXL – 800 botanicals with 4000 fractions
  • More to come